The first known stage race “Etapak” in Bohemia (Czech) was a success. Not only because of those fabulous roads in the most beautiful countryside, but because of the people! Such great spirit and friendship – even that some of the stages were merciless fights.

To my small extra pleasure all the top (7) guys used Kickbike – scooters. But regardless of the brand (Kickbike, Mibo, Kostka..) we are all one scooter family that is getting bigger.

There were three monsters above us others: Mr Alpo, Mr Kulka ja Mr Pelz. But during the fourth stage I had a chance to play “tour de france” a bit. I had noticed that Alpo and me were a bit faster in downhills. And as I was hanging the first 20km with the leading group I put all I had in the game and pulled Alpo off the others just before a long descent. And we rolled away. Others never cought Alpo and that was the decisive one minute he got there – thanks to me ;-)

Behind the fastest there was a group fighting for the fourth place including Vincent Gooiker, the fast kicking Kickbike importer from the Netherlands. In our small race I beat him 3 – 2, we´ll see what happens next year..

By the way, I already paid the registration to the next year´s race. So wait and see the “new me” there..

By the way, I was kicking on a new big wheel Kickbike Race MAX 28, that certainly gave me some advantage on the flat parts and bad road conditions. In up and downhills not that much.

See U kickin”! Hannu

Pavel from Mibo sent me a link to a very nice video he made:

And another one by Jan “Honza” Vlacek: