Keep updated about the epic scooter rides going on in three corners of the world right now.
If you know of an event going on at east, please notify us so we can get all four corners covered.


North: La Trottineuse Simple life Europe tour. Blandine is riding, as far as we know, the longest scooter tour anyone has done so far. She left Normandie in November, rode through southern Europe and Turkey and is now on her way towards Nordkapp before midnight sun is gone. Follow her 22000km journey at or at Facebook


 South: More intense action in the other direction. World Championship titles are given (no, taken) July 8th-10th in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Distances range from 400m sprints to a full marathon.

Follow the reports at:

Footbike World Championships 2016


 West: Frederic, Guido & Josef are riding Canada coast to coast starting July the 9th. Their ride is something in between La Trottineuse's journey and Championship speed races. They try to cover a great distance but also to do that fast. Because of short vacation :) 

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