Track for the marathon was not all flat, as could be expected of a track close to Utrecht, Netherlands. De Nedereindse Berg bike and inline skate park has 18m height difference, which is big enough to break the group early in the race, and grow gaps between riders.

Usually this means no surprises in the results either. Rosanne Reijne took her third individual championship title, and was in the Dutch victorious relay team as well, so that makes 4 golds out of 4 races (She also won all the sprint qualification heats).  Other medalists Hermien Koers and Katerina Berouskova are among the usual suspects as well.

Men’s medalists: Kai Immonen, Andries Koers and Jasper Stringa formed a lead trio early on the race. Jasper had to give up 7 laps before finish and Andries, who hasn’t raced often last years, couple of laps later.  This made last years triple world champion Kai Immonen a double European Champion as well, with second place in sprint after young Dane Christian Iversen.

In juniors Marec Kadlec and Maxime Reijne scored clear victories, Maxime being second fastest lady of all categories.

Marathon race video by Jeroen Landzaat

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Final medal table shows host nation’s dominance especially in women and youth:

Scooter European Championships 2011 medal table