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Greetings from Kickbike Worldwide

In 1994, I founded Kickbike Worldwide ltd. that has developed modern Kickbike - scooters and Kickspark - kicksleds. In fact, I worked as a promoter of the sport, an innovator and downright fanatical kick-athlete since the mid 1980´s. And those years have been interesting! Kickbike® – scooters and Kickspark® - kicksleds represent a Finnish design at its best. They combine a unique design and functionality. With our standard scooters and sleds we have won numerous world titles in both summer and winter championships. We operate in Finland, but the growing distribution network is quite extensive particularly in Europe. We strive to comply with both ethical and environmentally sustainable policies.

Hannu Vierikko
mr. Kickbike

Kickbike Worldwide Ltd.

Helsinki Fashion House
Mikkolantie 1 a / Liukumäentie 13 (this is a better visit address)
00640 Helsinki

  • new dealer enquiries:
  • tel. +358 9 388 3013
  • Hannu. +358 40 572 34 32

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