There's no better kick!


Switch gasoline to electricity! One charge will give you about 30 km of cool no-sweat cruising. Kick with the electricity or just straighten your back, glide and relax. You'll not only get some fresh air but will also arrive fresh and clean. Huge backpack or a kid with you? No problem. A child can stand in front of you on the footboard and heavy pack is not that heavy at all when you don't need to kick.


  • Motor: Bafang SWXK 100mm front hub motor (205RPM version)
  • Power: 250W (maximum peak power 380W) 
  • Battery: 36V / 10,4Ah Li-ion.  Weight 2,5kg
  • Range: 25-40km depending on the terrain 
  • Charge time: 4 hours 
  • Cost of electricity for one full charge: ~20 cents


eCruise assembly video

Download Kickbike Owners Manual

Download eCruise electric drive manual


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