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Esla T7

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ESLA Kicksled is a classic
Several generations have used the ESLA kicksled. Nowadays, all age groups can improve their fitness by using a kicksled, which brings great pleasure in moving around during wintertime.

The kicksled has been around for over 100 years
In the 20th century, it was used as transportation, in the 21st century a kicksled can offer a wider range of experiences.

Kicksledding is fun!
ESLA Kicksleds
E.S. Lahtinen has manufactured kicksleds for over 80 years.
In Finnish hearts, the kicksled is an iconic piece of design, representing safety and dependability. A great deal of nostalgia is connected with the kicksled. The design of the kicksled has changed very slowly over the years, and the best raw materials remain the same; Finnish Birch and spring steel are still the elements needed to produce a great kicksled.

All ESLA kicksleds have a birch frame and runners made of galvanized spring steel.

The kicksled is also useful in off-road conditions.
Especially when it has been equipped with sliding runners. Wondering at nature by kicksled is a great, ecologically sound exercise, without pollution or noise. Kicksledding can suit everybody as it is easy to learn.

Kicksled in off-road action Image: Hotel Isosyöte / safaris
Kicksledding is also sport!
National championships have been arranged in Finland for several years, and there is even a World Championship. The Kickspark is our competition model. A good kicker can reach speeds of around 40km/h.

The popularity of kicksled races is growing, because people have lots of fun there and everybody can join in the races. Nowadays it is one of the few competitions, where winning is not the most important thing.

But the crushing of the opponent completely is important!!

Kicksled racing
Should I get myself a kicksled??
A kicksled is suitable for giving people an energy boost for exercising in winter and moving about outdoors. Kicksleds are available in many colours and sizes. Check your model from the size table!

Kicksled is foldable so it takes only little space during the carrying or storaging.

Snow runners for soft snow
More capacity of weight in soft snow conditions is obtained by sliding runners (36 mm) or especially wide snow runners (56 mm), which are installed under the runners. Sliding runners and snow runners are extra accessories for kicksled.

Kicksled is easy to transport
Kicksled is unbeatable on ice!!
Ice fishers have asked for a special model: An ice fishing sled. It can be folded and it is only 137 cm long, so it fits in a small place, like the trunk of your car, for example. It is easy to carry things with you on ice with the ice fishing kicksled. Metal made drilling hooks and rubber bandage are a part of a standard delivery.

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