Kickbike Models

Race MAX 20

The fastest scooter in the world!

An updated version of the speed machine, that has been race proven to be the fastest  scooter in the world, that is available for anyone for a reasonable cost.  According to our original ideology it has little compromises, every detail has been considered thoroughly. The new MAX frame combines the lightness and stiffness in a brilliant way.

EUR 499,-


Cruise MAX 20

Maximal ease with style

The newest model of the Kickbike fleet designed for cozy cruising.  The upright riding position is comfortable and the super fat Big Apple tires offer excellent, smooth performance also on country roads.

EUR 449,-

Cross MAX 20D+ / 20V

For extreme conditions

If staying on roads is too limiting for you, take the Cross MAX 20 and expand your playground to tracks in the forest. The updated Cross MAX 20 comes with two options: the 20D+ model with disc brakes and more high-end suspension fork and the  20V-model with V-brakes. Favorite model for dog sport and mushers.

20V EUR 489,- / 20D+ EUR 569,-

Sport G4

The original all rounder

The Sport G4 is developed from the original Kickbike Sport Classic. The hybrid tires are fast on asphalt, but provide traction and comfort on gravel roads too. Use it for your daily fitness training or take it to adventures! If we had only one model it would be the versatile Sport G4!

EUR 369,-

City G4

For daily commuting

The City G4 takes you anywhere comfortably and easily.  Daily shopping, commuting to work or kicking leisurely in the park. As you kick along you trim and tone your legs and buttocks, improve your overall fitness, while spicing up your daily routine. You simply don’t notice the strain because kicking is so much fun!

EUR 289,-


The most agile Kickbike

Freeride is originally developed for youngters and it has influences from the BMX genre. It is agile and good for moving short distances. The small size is an advantage when taking it to your car, caravan or boat. Surprisingly all family can use this model!

EUR 229,-


Prices include VAT 24%